Hi there, welcome - are you ready to grow your business?

I'm Ruth and I want to help you grow your business in a way that creates a life and business you love.

  • If you're an independent business owner who struggles to get the word out about your business and generate sales, I can help.
  • If you clam up and blush when trying to communicate what makes you special and why people should buy your products or services, I can help.
  • If your products are A-MAY-ZING but your product copy falls flat, I can help.

As a small business owner, I know you feel like you should be able to everything, but there's a reason why you're excellent at what you do and you aren't an ace copywriter, an analytics nerd or marketing wiz. Your talent is creating your products or delivering your services, not selling them. Maybe it's time to get some help or even better, outsource to an expert?

If confusion and uncertainty are keeping you from effectively selling your products and services and you wish someone would just HELP ALREADY!! You're in the right place.

Life is too short to dull your sparkle with uncertainty - I'm here to help.

If you own an online shop and want to take it from unloved to unleashed check out the Homepage Hero workshop to get your homepage set up to make more sales.

Available Products

5 Steps to Story

This easy to follow guide sets out 5 steps for creating content that communicates who you are, what you do and how you can make a difference in your customers' lives.

Each step includes an activity sheet that you can download and use to help you create your unique story.

Remember, your business story is more than your "About Page"

Homepage Hero

What would doubling your sales mean to your business?

The homepage of your website is your shop window - if it doesn't show people how amazing you are and how you can help them, they'll never buy your products or services.

Organising your homepage so that makes it easy for people to connect with you, imagine your products or services in their lives AND shows them how to take the next step to buying from you, could be the difference it takes to turn your side-hustle into your full-time income!

The Homepage Hero workshop will take you through the simple steps to re-organise your website's homepage so your customers and clients know exactly how you can help them and how to take the next step to buying from you.

The Homepage Hero workshop includes:

  • The "Most Important Thing" training
  • The "Connect and Communicate" training
  • Homepage layout training
  • Q&As

Bonus content

  • BONUS #1 Homepage Layout templates
  • BONUS #2 "Essential Pages for Successful Selling" guide
  • BONUS #3 Watch over the shoulder homepage reviews

Seasonal Sales Planning

Get your seasonal sales planned out for the whole year in an afternoon

  • Get prepped for 2022 so you know what promotions are coming up on your website
  • Plan seasonal offers that make your customers feel like you've read their minds
  • Get organised now so you are always have new offers ready that your customers love 
  • Use the simple system so that you never feel overwhelmed or like your falling behind in your business


Here’s what we’ll cover inside the workshop:

  • Seasonal Sales training - learn how to prepare and plan for seasonal sales so that you're never overwhelmed and always ready to serve your customers
  • Seasonal Sales planning template - an easy to use template to plan your seasonal sales content, promotion ideas and content prompts so that you can plan your homepage for the year and your customers will feel like you know what they want before they’ve thought of it!
  • Seasonal Sales online planner - simple, easy to use online planner that you can customise for your business, keep track of what's happening when and never feel overwhelmed

Homepage Hero Checklist - Is your homepage in good health?

Got an online shop that you've fallen out of love with?

Or maybe you've signed up for Shopify and you're wondering how to make sure your shop storefront is as fabulous as your products are?

The FREE Homepage Hero Checklist takes you through 11 things that your homepage needs to make it more shoppable.

Use the Homepage Hero Checklist to do a quick and easy audit on your website to see if your homepage is in good health or needs a bit of a spruce up.

Shopify Made Simple Workbook

Get ready to build your Shopify store with the Shopify Preparation Workbook.

It takes you  step-by-step through all the information you  need to get together BEFORE you sign up to Shopify, so that building your store is quick and easy - which means you'll be hearing the PING of sales notifications sooner!

Get it Done Group

Join a Get it Done Group and get 12 weeks of accountability and support to get the next thing done in your business

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